Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cooking Competition at C.I.C.

me, Josh, Rene

A couple weeks ago, my friend Josh, who I know from culinary school, asked me to help him out with a cooking competition he was going to be involved in.  The challenge was a fundraiser, purchased at last year's Vintner's dinner.  Three students were chosen by the school to prepare a three-course meal for about twenty people, and the winner was to receive a cash prize.

Each competitor was allowed to have a couple of sous chefs to help him or her out.  Of course, this sounded like a blast to me, so when Josh asked me to help I quickly agreed.  Our friend, Rene, also volunteered to help out. 

He was go compete against two other girls, Ulfet and Talicia.  Each student was to use a tilefish for the first course, a whole beef tenderloin for the second course, and had free range to create any dessert course he or she wanted.

 Josh plating his first course: tilefish with roasted tomato, bok choy, and quinoa risotto, 
buerre blanc, and basil oil

Ulfet's tilefish course

We prepped all day and had a blast. By the time we actually started serving, everyone was ready and in good spirits.

As the entrees were going out.

Josh's second course: whole roasted beef tenderloin, green bean saute, truffled parsnip puree, 
balsamic red wine reduction foam

For dessert, our team played around with the idea of deconstructing a classic s'more.  It was challenging to try to pull off, but it tasted good and we enjoyed playing around with it.

Rene and Josh finishing the plates

Chef Frank Lee was the judge.  I've worked in his company for a long time, so we had fun and chatted over a glass of wine when it was all over.

Chef and me

In the end, our team didn't win, but we accepted our defeat without too much wounded pride.  

Everyone who participated.
Back row: Jamie, Ulfet, Josh, Talicia
Front row: Rene, Bev, me, Arlene

All in all, I had a lot of fun being able to participate in this competition.  I met some new friends, hung out with some old ones, and was able to mix up the daily routine a bit.  I'll be looking forward to the next time I'm invited to be a part of something like this.



Dan.Eliot said...
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Linda said...

Love the pictures. Sounds like a good time was had by all and lots of cooking!